Angylina (cyberchik) wrote,


Sardas just sent me this!!!

She also has a group set up;

I put up this post;
Identity Theft Question

Hi Jenna,

I was just curious; What are your feelings about identity theft? The internet is really making it so much easier, don't you find?

As a follow-up; Are you still passing off Angylina's pictures as your own?

Anyone interested in seeing the real thing, head over to

One way to show your commitment to reform, would be to leave up this post. Hmmmmm.

Her group is moderated, so she probably won't let it up, but I did add a link to your site in her book marks section! I wrote
something like "see the woman so beautiful that jenna has been impersonating her for years!"

He is such a goofball! lolllllllllllllllll
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